7 Ways SqSave AI is Revolutionising Investing

Dec 13, 2021

Frequently dubbed one of the "next big things in tech", Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications have significantly evolved. From search engines to money management, AI brings unique solutions and possibilities to the table with its ability to harness vast amounts of data and make inferences about new data – beyond human capabilities.

SqSave's proprietary AI investment system has reaped decent returns for our clients, even for investors with low to zero investment knowledge! SqSave achieves these results in 7 ways:

  1. Better data, better decisions
    A key advantage of SqSave AI is its ability to quickly and efficiently sort through large volumes of data from various sources. Our AI can then recognise, understand and identify patterns from the data, which allows for better interpretations and predictions when it comes to investment decisions.

  2. No emotions, only wisdom
    SqSave AI is not swayed by market sentiments or emotions, relying only on objective data. Any decisions or predictions made by the algorithm rests solely on real-time data analysis, reducing the risk of making a hasty decision based on fear or anxiety.

  3. On duty, night and day
    As research indicates, humans are wired for short bursts of productivity of about 3 to 5 hours a day. Anything beyond might lead to decision fatigue and a lack of focus. That's where SqSave AI's technology comes in. Our AI investment manager works 24/7, 365 days a year, while producing consistent data collection, analysis, and even portfolio rebalancing depending on market fluctuations.

  4. Diversification across global ETFs
    SqSave AI offers a diverse, global portfolio of over 2,000 ETFs (Exchange-traded funds) over a broad range of regions and asset classes. This allows investors to gain exposure to the index without investing entirely in its component stocks (don't put all your eggs in one basket!), therefore reducing risk.

  5. Beating human fund managers
    AI investment managers have outperformed human advisors due to their reliance on objective data and rebalancing portfolios in real-time. This was most evident during the pandemic – 94% of investors felt optimistic about continuing with their AI investment managers compared to just 82% with human counterparts. In fact, SqSave AI recorded a +15% to +25% rise from January to November 2021, higher than our competitors' estimated returns!

  6. Risk-adjusted, highest probable returns
    Our AI harnesses real-time data to make predictions, unlike traditional Robo-advisors that rebalance your portfolio backwards to a historical model portfolio. Combined with SqSave's AI that works round the clock, any adjustments to your portfolio take your set risk appetite into account while pushing for the highest probable returns.

  7. Gamified risk appetite assessment
    Determining your risk appetite can be complex and confusing. That's why we developed the SqSave Risk ProfilerTM – built on our predictive AI that helps determine your risk profile and risk-reward behaviour. Instead of a dry, traditional questionnaire, the game uses behavioural analytics and gamification techniques to assess your risk profile instantly. The result is then applied to your portfolio for smarter investment decisions based on your profile.

Contrary to the downturn that many investment portfolios have seen during the pandemic, SqSavers have enjoyed higher returns because of our unique AI-driven algorithm and investment strategy.

Click here to give the SqSave Risk Profiler a go and begin your smart investment journey with SqSave!


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