SqSave Reference Portfolios Outperform Significantly in 2021
Delivered +14% to +25% Returns for whole year 2021

Jan 8, 2022

Despite a volatile Dec 2021, SqSave delivered double digit returns

December 2021 saw jittery markets as the US Federal Reserve signaled an end to monetary easing. Inflation fears continue. Omicron threatened more infection waves.

Yet SqSave’s reference portfolios achieved 14% gains for the low-risk Conservative investment portfolio while at the highest risk end, the Very Aggressive reference investment portfolio achieved as high as +25% for the whole of 2021.

The SqSave reference portfolio returns beat other comparable risk-based portfolios that we track in terms of equity/fixed income benchmarks.

SqSave Full Year 2021 – Investment Performances (SGD terms) *

* Inclusive of ETF expense ratios and net of SqSave management fees. SqSave uses AI to design and manage diversified investment portfolios for each investor. Because SqSave is not an investment fund, there is no single return measure. Instead, every SqSave investor has his/her own investment performance as each investor is managed separately by our SqSave AI. As investors can withdraw and top-up any time, investment returns will be affected by individual investor decisions. Hence, SqSave uses reference portfolios which are actual portfolios managed on an ongoing basis, without any interference with withdrawals or top-ups, to measure investment performance.
** Single portfolio investment amount more than SGD15,000
*** Performance numbers for competitors are estimates.
# Ret/Vol refers to the ratio of Investment Returns over Volatility (or Risk)

Decent One-Year Risk Adjusted Returns

In risk-based investing, we use diversification to reduce volatility in line with the risk settings chosen by you. Given your risk settings, SqSave AI targets probabilistic returns after predicting the volatility of various investment possibilities over different time periods. Now, we can see that for 2021, SqSave AI has shown decent Return to Volatility ratios. For example, in the Conservative reference portfolio, the Ret/Vol ratio of 1.11 suggests that for every one unit of risk taken, the return achieved is 1.1X.

At the high-risk end, the Very Aggressive SqSave reference portfolio shows Ret/Vol ratio of 1.7X which means that for every unit of risk taken, SqSave was able to generate 1.7X return.

Overall, we are pleased with the SqSave AI algorithms in 2021. We will continue to monitor the system and help you navigate volatility in the year ahead.

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SqSave AI Team


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