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SqSave Children’s Day Giveaway Promotion

Children Day Campaign 2022

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*Terms & Conditions Apply

  • From 4th to 31st Oct 2022 (“Promotion Period”) all new and existing SqSave account clients, are eligible to participate in this Promotion covering 4 consecutive weekly periods.
  • Each S$100 or more Deposits transferred into a single goal (portfolio) by the 1st 200 clients each week will be entitled to receive a S$10 (10% pay-out value!) Gift-a-PortfolioTM. The Gift-a-PortfolioTM will be sent via email to the client for claiming, after each weekly period (click this link to understand more about Gift-a-PortfolioTM).
  • Each Gift-a-PortfolioTM reward to be claimed will have a minimum 3-month lock-in period, and a default assigned Growth Risk Profile.
  • S$10 Gift-a-PortfolioTM rewards to be offered will be limited to one per client for minimum S$100 Deposits to a goal (portfolio) for each weekly period.
  • Each S$100 or more Deposit for each weekly period to a client’s created goal (portfolio) must be received by the last business day of each weekly period (weekly Promo Period) to qualify for a S$10 Gift-a-Portfolio to be claimed.
  • Non-SqSave clientele who wish to participate in this Promotion may sign-up for an account at www.sqsave.com. After successful account approval, you may transfer S$100 to a created goal (portfolio) during the Promotion Period to qualify for one of the 200 weekly S$10 Gift-a-PortfolioTM. rewards.
  • To qualify for a S$10 Gift-a-Portfolio to be claimed, S$100 or more Deposits to a client’s goal (portfolio) during the Promotion Period must be Deposits transferred either from the client’s bank account or the client’s existing SquirrelCash balance.
  • All clients must confirm their acceptance of the SqSave Gift-a-PortfolioTM and meet all relevant regulatory and compliance conditions as outlined in the SqSave Account Opening Agreement.